Mark Cusumano, CEO - FW Warehousing

I've worked with TAG and Cornell Meyer since he became a business coach. In that time, our revenue has doubled from $10,000,000 to $20,000,000. For a family business, an impartial outsider like Cornell helps lead us to decisions that are the right thing to do for the business and for the family. He also distinguishes himself as a business coach because he's been a businessman his entire career.

Scott Carline, Principal - Axle Boy Enterprises

Since working with TAG, we've quadrupled our revenue while just doubling our head count. I attribute a lot of that success to monthly business coaching sessions and my peer board. I also lean on TAG to help with "heavy lifting' when needed for things like establishing my accounting system or negotiating a new lease.

Michael Smith, President - Paintsmiths of St. Louis LLC

michael smith photo

As a small business owner, you don't get exposed enough to all of the resources that are out there to help you with your business. You can get stuck in your own cocoon. From working with Cornell and my board, I have found countless opportunities for tools, resources, and tactics to better run and grow my business.

Rich Greene, Owner - Richard Greene Company

Rich Greene

My definition of success for my business is to stay in business. There are so many challenges and changes in the market, if you can stay ahead of it, you can stay in business. When I have a problem, it’s often somebody on my board that either has the right advice to help, or they know who I need to talk to to figure it out.

I enjoy working with Cornell because he communicates well and he will tell you like it is.

Fred Moore, Managing Partner - Moore Computing LLP

Fred Moore

Your Board brings accountability. When you own your own business, you really don't have a lot of accountability beyond yourself. Your Board makes you accountable month-to-month to the promises you make to improve your business. Accountability is good.

Owning a business is very difficult. With Cornell as a coach, he gets and keeps you on the right track with accounting, IT infrastructure, insurance, legal, HR…all the basics of business.

Eric Aschinger, Past Chairman & CEO - Achinger Electic

Eric Aschinger

While all of the members of my peer board are in a variety of different businesses, what we have in common is we are all in the business of business; hiring, firing, marketing, sales, banking, etc.

TAB gives you the opportunity to talk with other business owners who truly understand the seat you’re sitting in. Your employees, your directors, your investors, they just can’t truly identify the problems you have because they are not sitting in your seat.

Dean Branson, General Manager - Midwest Agency

Cornell is very good at bringing parties together to solve problems. He has a vast network of Accountants, Attorneys, Bankers, Insurance and Marketing professionals and has a knack for matching up the right fit. I highly recommend Cornell to friends and colleagues who have business challenges similar to mine.

Family Business

David Williams, Vice President of Bill Yount Signs and TAB member, talks about how the alternative board helped him manage the transition of the business from his father, original President, to himself.

“In TAB you hear how other people do business besides the way you do business”.


Mark Cusumano, President of FW Companies and TAB member, tell us why 7 seven years ago, when he was burnt out with work, he decided to join the alternative board in order to exchange advice with fellow colleagues, and how he has benefit from such decision.

“It shortcuts your learning curve and helps you be more successful”


Dean Branson, General Manager of Midwest Agency, a premier independent insurance company, and TAB member, talks about how the company has managed to achieve loyal clients by putting their needs first of all, and how he shared these experiences and learned from others thanks to joining the alternative board, a place where business men from different fields exchange daily issues and give advice to their colleagues.

“80% of what businesses do is very similar, and there´s a 20% that makes them unique, so there´s hope”.

Value of a Peer Board

Eric Aschinger, past chairman and CEO of Aschinger Electric, an originally family company, and TAB member, talks about his experience when he joined the alternative board, a place where business men from different fields exchange daily issues and give advice to their colleagues, and how he has benefit from it.

“I get at least one good idea a year, which pays for my membership more than anything else”.