Difference Between YPO/EO & TAB

TAB boards come along with some big advantages for business owners, which set them apart from Young President and Entrepreneurs Organizations.

Owners who engage in TAB board meetings get the opportunity to join with other entrepreneurs. This setting allows for the valuable exchange of experiences and ideas. The value of this is significant for any small business owner, regardless of market! TAB meetings help owners learn from people who might have encountered similar challenges in their own ventures. YPOs (Young President Organizations) and EOs (Entrepreneurs Organizations) also offer this benefit to their members. However, TAB peer boards have unique elements that provide better guidance and a more straightforward track towards growth. TAB business owners also recognize the value of accountability, which is utilized in meetings to inspire progress in their respective operations.

What Exactly are YPOs and EOs?

These leadership organizations seek to bring business executives together in order to take advantage of the knowledge different owners have accumulated over time. Typically, meetings take place on a monthly basis, and outside speakers can be brought in on a regular basis. There is also an emphasis on off-site events (or vacations), some of which may cover an extensive amount of time. While this can be a form of support system, which bears something of a resemblance to what TAB boards provide, there are important factors that are missing in the YPO and EO model.

These peer networking groups focus solely on the owners themselves and do not include facilitation, meaning there is no clear direction on how meetings proceed. One unfortunate side effect of this structure is that some owners may be left without an opportunity to be heard during a meeting. Another key missing ingredient is direct business coaching, which is not included with YPO and EO peer boards.

TAB Provides Superior Guidance and Accountability

Meeting facilitation is more than just a person dictating pace and direction. TAB board meetings are a crucial element for small business owners looking to grow, and it’s important that members take advantage of their opportunities. Running a business involves so many factors and variables that it’s normal for owners to lose track of what their challenges are. Facilitators ensure that they keep their focus on the right things. They also make sure they’re presenting their challenges to the others in a way that can open the doors for effective feedback. TAB boards as provided alongside TAG business coaching also comes along with personal, individualized guidance that is geared to synch with what you need for your business goals. This one on one coaching is typically available once a month for every owner.

If you’re running your own business, you likely don’t feel a great deal of accountability beyond what you have in regard to yourself. Being the boss, you might believe you shouldn’t need to report to anyone, but this lack of accountability is a detriment. Feeling accountability is an important part of making the necessary moves towards improving your business and achieving the growth you want. TAB board members hold you accountable to the promises you make, in relation to what your business needs. When the next meeting is joined a month later, you’ll need to tell the other members what kind of progress was made on the promise, which puts pressure on you as the owner to deliver. Having a deadline and the incentive to make the right moves is how progress is inspired, and the successful business owners are the ones who find this both advantageous and liberating. These are the people who thrive, and whose businesses also thrive once they join the TAB board meetings.

TAG Boards Stand Out From the Competition

Members of TAB boards who have prior experience with EOs or YPOs have spoken at length about how vastly different TAB is. These business owners have discovered a new element to peer meetings, one they were missing before. They always get a chance to be heard, and many have benefited from sharing with members a decade or more further ahead of them in their careers. Speaking with fellow owners who’ve already faced similar challenges provides a crucial advantage for any owner trying to push themselves to the next level. Talking to members like this, with a facilitator to guide the process along, helps newer owners formulate plans that can put them in the best position for success.

Every TAB board member gets the chance to talk about the struggles they encounter. And no matter what the issues might be, there will always be another owner who has dealt with something similar. Even if a person is in a completely different industry, the experience can transfer over and provide a roadmap that can prove very useful moving forward.

There’s no need for you to struggle through growing your business alone, not when there is invaluable guidance available! TAG business coaching has helped business owners achieve their dreams for years, and with our decades of experience and the peer boards we facilitate, there is no reason we can’t help you do the same. To learn more, contact us online or give us a call at 636.352.3835.