Difference Between Vistage Group & TAB

TAB boards provide a number of advantages over Vistage Group alternatives, particularly for owners looking to grow their small businesses.

If you understand the value of constructive feedback and guidance, TAB boards are a resource you shouldn’t hesitate to utilize. They provide business owners with the chance to learn from their peers by sharing the problems and challenges they face. An additional — and crucial — element of TAB boards is the facilitation, which is an aspect that Vistage Group lacks. This mentorship ensures that board meetings stay focused and organized. This is essential, as it keeps owners from being overlooked as everyone seeks out the solutions to their issues. TAG Business Coaching takes this value a step further, as individual coaching is available to board members on a monthly basis.

How Does TAB Help Small Businesses?

The Alternative Board, or TAB, can be an endless source of guidance, strategies and tools for improving and growing one’s business. This is achieved through non-competitive meetings where owners from a wide range of different businesses can come together and share their experiences. Although the markets might differ, every board member is in the business of doing business. There is a mutual understanding present that isn’t typically found between owners and employees or investors. Only a fellow entrepreneur will be familiar with the pitfalls involved with running a business.

TAB boards also keep you from getting stuck in a bubble. Everyone knows running a small business can be extremely demanding. When you’re occupied with the day to day operations, you seldom get the chance to seek out all the resources that may be available to you. This lack of exposure can be a big problem, but luckily with TAB meetings, you gain valuable learning opportunities that otherwise might have passed you by. This insight can help you stay ahead of the game, as odds are there will be someone on your board who’s already faced similar obstacles.

What Qualities Set TAB Apart From Vistage Group?

We philosophically believe any peer group is better than no peer group, and we are obviously biased that TAB is better than Vistage, we do have a perspective from former Vistage members who have joined TAB.  TAB members who’ve joined us from Vistage have discovered several differences. Much of this stems from TAB’s inclusive, focused approach to meetings. Like TAB, Vistage also provides peer boards for their business owners. Their meetings tend to be longer, usually a full day. However, half of that time is with outside speakers who sometimes are also selling products or services to the members. This time restriction can also be complicated by the size of the boards themselves, which often have more than the TAB limit of 12. This, coupled with the fact that only several owners get the chance to speak at any given meeting, means each member can expect to be heard just once every two or three months.

With TAB boards, each owner gets an opportunity to share their challenges on a monthly basis. Meetings also have more direction thanks to the presence of a facilitator. This guidance not only ensures that everyone gets a chance to speak, but it also keeps the discussions moving in the right direction. One on one coaching is also unique to TAB boards, and this individualized guidance is available at least once a month as well. For obvious reasons, this is preferable to Vistage Group boards, where you’ll participate in peer group sessions that lack direction and any underlying business mentorship.

TAG Brings More Value to Board Meetings

In our board meetings, owners make promises to their peers, and also to the facilitators. These promises represent the kind of accountability no business owner should be without. It drives them to achieve what needs to be done, for their own benefit. During TAB board sessions, owners collaborate on the best courses of action for their respective situations. The goal is then to come to an agreement on the best possible way to move forward. We help them establish who needs to do it, and when it needs to be done. After that, it falls on the owner to make it happen! They can’t just forget about their promise, since they made it to other members who will be expecting results once the next meeting comes around.

TAG Business Coaching provides board members with invaluable individual guidance that is geared to their situation. This coaching goes hand in hand with board membership, which allows business owners to help each other overcome obstacles in their various markets. With decades of business ownership experience and countless satisfied clients, TAG can be the resource that helps you achieve the business of your dreams. For more information about what makes TAB boards superior to Vistage Group, contact us online or call us at 636.352.3835.