The Alternative Board

What if you had the peer support and expert advice to help you make your business and life as a business owner as successful as possible?

Life as a business owner or CEO can be lonely. You may often feel like you are on your own to problem-solve and overcome the challenges you face in your life and business. The Alternative Board  exists to be your partner, advisor, and support system all-in-one, so you can get out there, find real solutions to your problems, answers for your questions, and the strategies to grow your business like never before.

What Is TAB?

Some call it a “think tank.” Others call it a peer group or networking group. Still others identify it as a support network for small business owners. We say it covers all of those and more. Here’s what you can expect when you join TAB:

  • Members include only small business owners, presidents, CEOs and other managing partners who do not have a board of advisors for their organizations.
  • Members are limited to prevent two direct competitors from participating on the same board. While none of the members are in the same specific business, all members are in the business of business.
  • TAB must approve all new members before they can join a monthly meeting.
  • Each group will have a certified TAB facilitator who is an experienced business consultant; the facilitator not only conducts the monthly meetings but also provides one-on-one member coaching.
  • Monthly meetings provide a confidential, non-competitive environment for members to discuss issues and opportunities they are experiencing in their businesses.
  • Members provide ideas, problem-solving, brainstorming, constructive criticism and feedback to each member in the group.

What Can TAB Do for Your Business?

The adage goes, “None of us are smarter than all of us,” and this is certainly true in the business world. Through TAB, you can benefit from the business coaching credentials of your TAB-certified facilitator as well as from the combined experience of the members on your board. This means you won’t be alone in your journey and you will have a wealth of knowledge surrounding you.

Because you do not have a board of advisors in place for your business, you need that additional support and guidance to help you effectively manage and grow. TAB exists not only to provide the guidance that a typical board of advisors might, but also to help you as a person to identify and pursue your personal and business visions.

This kind of forward-thinking, vision-focused approach will prevent you from getting stuck in your role as a business owner. You will no longer feel like a hamster on a wheel. You will be able to identify the purpose in what you are doing and map out a plan for success for which others on your board will hold you accountable. In this way, it’s easy to see how TAB works to inspire, plan and push for your success. It’s hard to be stagnant or stand still when you have that kind of encouragement and support all around you.

Why Pay for Board Members When You Can Invest in Your Success?

There will come a time in your business owner journey when you realize you need a board to help you take your business to the next level. You have the option to pay for members to sit on your board of advisors, but will those paid board members have the understanding, experience and passion for your business that you have?

The alternative is the TAB board—this option enables you to save money without sacrificing quality. Instead of paying for board members, which can be a very costly process, you pay to be a part of this exceptional board. The value you receive in advice, experience and support will far outweigh what you can expect from a typical board for your organization.

The TAB monthly meetings will be your time to join with other business owners like yourself to brainstorm, solve each other’s problems, and celebrate each other’s victories. Each member will have a chance to share and ask questions, which is an important way to keep all members engaged in the process.

Because all members of the group are private company’s key decision makers, you can know you are all on the same page with similar issues. In fact, one of our clients stated that 80% of problems businesses face are the same. From the growing pains of generation change within a business to staying relevant in an ever-changing market, our members can relate to each other’s struggles, and this makes TAB a unique environment.

What else makes TAB unique?

  • No suppliers or vendors allowed.
  • No competing businesses can be part of one board.
  • True transparency is a must in each meeting.
  • Confidentially among board members is paramount.

Comradely, Accountability, and Strategy: Key Ingredients of TAB

Having the right support, accountability and guidance in place for your business will be a game-changer for you. Because you will no longer have to wade through your struggles and questions on your own, you will have more time to focus on your vision and growth-producing activities. You can be proactive instead of reactive. This is how you build a strong, successful business.

Want to learn more about what TAB has to offer you as a business owner? Contact us today to explore your best options for business support and accountability.